According To A 2010 Bloomberg Study, Foreclosure Filings In U.S. May Jump 20% From The Record Set In 2010!

Dear Consumer,

I will not try to convince you in applying for this information on what you can do to  Stop Foreclosure and Save Your Home.

I will however tell you who this information is for, who it is not for, and what this is about.

Here’s What This Is About

Approximately three million four hundred and forty four thousand consumers are slated to receive a notice of default this year with the end result being foreclosure.

But wait, it get’s worse…

If you’re one of the many consumer facing foreclosure, and you purchased or refinanced your home within the last 8-10 year …then there exists a great chance that you’re a victim of wrongful Foreclosure due to your loan being improperly Securitized.

I’ll explain more about Securitization in a moment. For now, let’s just focus on the fact that you’re here right now because you’re searching for Foreclosure Information to help you with your situation.

You’re either…

A) Going through foreclosure or have gone through foreclosure already, and you want to know what you can do to Save Your Home


B) You’re curious

If Your answer above was letter A,

Your TOP 5 questions and challenges are:

1) What can I do to Avoid Foreclosure and Save My Home

2) How can I use Quiet Title Action to Stop Foreclosure and Save My Home

3) What documents do I need to gather if I am a victim of foreclosure fraud and where do I get them

4) How can I find out if my loan was Securitized without paying for a Securitization Audit

5) What can I do to Save my Home if I’ve lost it to foreclosure already

How To Stop Foreclosure Fraud Information Is Available For Consumers Nationwide

This information IS for:

  • Consumers who have received a notice of default or lis pendens and are currently in foreclosure, or have been foreclosed on already
  • Consumers who want to learn step by step How To Stop Foreclosure Fraud and have the best chance at obtaining a Quiet Title to the property
  • Consumers who have fallen victim to foreclosure …and want Foreclosure Information on how to Fight Foreclosure and Save Your Home
  • Consumers who want to find out if their loan was Securitized Loan without having to pay thousands of dollars for a Securitized Loan Audit

This information is NOT for:

  • Attorneys that represent Pretender Lenders
  • Consumers who do NOT want to become educated on the Foreclosure Process and what they can do to Stop Foreclosure and save their home
  • News Analysts and Media who manipulate the real truth about Foreclosure, to further confuse consumers by spreading inaccurate information and re-hashed news
  • Politicians who receive compensation from Pretender Lenders, and are NOT in support of enforcing Legislation to help put these Foreclosure Fraudsters behind bars

And now for more brutal honesty: This information that explains how to find your Securitized loan and what you can do to Stop Foreclosure and save your home may not be for you.      

The discovery I’ve made has nothing to do with doing a GOOGLE search on Stop Foreclosure, Foreclosure Defense etc …yet not taking action on the information you receive.

This is a discovery of real information. Real information that can help lead you solutions to solve your Foreclosure Problems and save your home.

Consumers Just Like You Have Learned How To Stop Foreclosure Fraud


Here’s How It Works

If you’re the Type A serious consumers, and you’re searching for information what you can do to Stop Foreclosure and Save Your Home …here’s what you’ll need to do next:

First, you’ll need to enter your name and email address below.     

Then you’ll be taken to a confirmation page that will say thank you for requesting this informational video on what you can do to find you Securitized loan and Stop Foreclosure.

Then you’ll be directed to check your email and click on the confirmation link that will take you to this informational video that will reveal everything.

I go through this process to make sure that you’re serious about receiving this information, so that I don’t waste both of our time.

Anyways, once you enter in your name and email …and watch this informational video, only one thing will happen:

Possibility number one: You’ll receive a stronger understanding about the Foreclosure Process, Securitization and what you can do to Fight Foreclosure.

When Possibility number one happens, you’ll realize that it’s your home – NOT the Pretender Lender Banks …and that the ONLY way they can STEAL YOUR HOME is if you allow them too!

Like the 1000’s of other consumers, you too can Stop Foreclosure and fight to quiet title and clear your property of all liens that have created a break in your chain of title.

OK here is the first step:

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